Western Union

The product "Western Union"

The Western Union office is open to the
Banque de Crédit de Bujumbura since 15/10/2003 .

Funds can be transferred abroad or received from the latter by means of Western Union.

The Western Union office is open in all branches of the Bank of Credit Bujumbura located across the country including:

- Bujumbura : Seat, Floor PLRwagasore , Centennial , Independence Square , Kigobe Kinanira , Buyenzi Oree du Golf

- In provinces Gitega Karusi , Rutana Gihofi , Rumonge Nyanza Lac, Makamba , Ruyigi , Ngozi, Kayanza , Muyinga and Kirundo Rugombo

The procedures for sending and receiving are made in the following manner :

1 . Remittances :

The Western Union operator communicates to the client the amount of fees to be collected given the amount to be transferred .

The customer completes an appropriate form.

The Western Union operator on the form the amount to be transferred over the commissions.

The ordering customer present the  Western Union
cashier the completed form and pay the amount in U.S. dollars which is registered on it.

The cashier gives the customer the deposit slip .

The operator is sending funds through Western Union program " Money Transfer " based on the information form and payment slip above and shall, after allocation to transfer control number of the transfer, a document with the references to it ( to the beneficiary )

2 . Receipt of funds :

The client presents and communicates the operator Western Union as follows:

- Identification documents

- The number of transfer control expected

- The password

- The expected amount

- First and last name of the sender

Note :

- The operator checks for the transfer through Western Union program " Money Transfer " on the basis of the above information form.

- Although optional , the number transfer control to quickly find the expected transfer . Number specified by the recipient client must be exact.

- The role of the sender is essential when transferring sent to allow the beneficiary to receive the transfer smoothly . It ensures that the identity of the beneficiary informed on the form is correct and notify the recipient exactly the transfer control number or "Money transfer control number " ( MTCN ) .

- Transfers are received in local currency (Burundi Francs) in accordance with the Central Bank's Regulations.

The Banque de Crédit de Bujumbura is at your disposal. For more information, please contact us at the following number: +257 22 20 10 33.