The product "SESAME card"

Since June 2009, the BCB has put on the banking market a special product : a card for cash withdrawals through ATMs. This card is called "SESAME". It was proposed by the BCB to allow customers to make, at any time, some operations (cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini-statement,...) themselves outside the usual counters and independently of working hours of the Bank.

This innovation is all the more justified as the BCB continually seeks to provide its customers with innovative products that enable them to manage their money and their time. This card is for the BCB the customer loyalty springboard and even attracts new customers. Indeed, the SESAME card also offers his money at any time.



The SESAME card is a bank card that allows anytime operations in BIF on the current account of the customer from the ATMs of the BCB.


Features offered

- withdraw the money 24/24, 7/7.

- Obtain a mini statement (last 10 movements of his account).

- Check the balance of his account.

- Transfer money from his checking account to the savings account


Eligibility for the card

- Hold a current account at the BCB.

- Fill the application form Electronic Payment card service with the Bank.


Delivery time

The card is issued about two weeks after the request, with a code that you need to keep secret.


Process safety

Except that ATMs are located at sufficiently protected places
of the Bank, the SESAME card transactions are secured with a PIN known only from the client and that is provided to the delivery of the card. If the card is lost, the holder shall promptly inform the Bank and it locks the card. Therefore, no action is possible before the release of the card. However, the release is only possible if the cardholder has made a partial opposition for which card releasing is possible. But in case of permanent opposition (if there is any hope of finding the card), the client must request a new card (a new number and a new password).


Product benefits

- The opening of the Bank hours are no longer a constraint for the customer

- The card allows the customer to manage his money at his convenience: it does not need to anticipate all expenses before withdrawing money.

- SESAME card allows banking self-service

- It allows to track the movements of the account at any time without having to report to the Bank.


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