Product definition

B-SMS is a service that allows the bank to make available to its customers, by SMS, some information about transactions on their accounts, by subscription to this service.

Either the Bank sends this information to the customer, via SMS its short number (201), to the mobile telephone number and to a frequency that it has entered during its subscription either the client sends its request for information to the bank and the latter replied on the same number.

What for?

1. Receive Bank information on the customer's account movements depending on the options chosen during the subscription:

- the account balance;

- account statement (last movement);

- debit or credit transaction on the account;

- the reference rate of the major currencies;

- the level of the credit line and its term.


1) For the B-SMS option, the customer pays nothing (either the Bank or its mobile operator)

2) It is accessible to all subscribers of the various mobile operators in Burundi (Econet LEO, Lumitel, Smart and ONAMOB)

1.2. Send a request for information by SMS to the Bank to which the latter responds; he application may include the following:

- the account balance ;

- account statement (last move)

- the checkbook order;

- the transfer (BCB account to BCB account, only in BIF, indicated at the time of the subscription);

- the modification of the secret code.

NB: This B-SMS option is only available to Lumitel and Econet LEO subscribers.

Requirements to access B-SMS

- hold an account at the BCB;

- have a valid mobile phone number (to be filled in during the subscription);

- subscribe to the B-SMS service by completing a form drawn up for this purpose in the BCB branch where the customer's account is domiciled.

NB: B-SMS works on all types of mobile phones

Pricing conditions

The Bank does not receive anything for the product but in the information request by the client, it pays the cost of the transaction to its mobile operator through the use of its own charging unit.


Branch Manager or Account Manager in any BCB branch