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Product definition
The “Banque de Crédit de Bujumbura” created for its customers, both corporate and individuals, an online banking service via Internet. This product is called "B-Web" (Internet Banking). B-Web is part of the quality service improvement program for customers wishing to make difference on an increasingly demanding and more reactive market.
The features offered include consulting by Internet of the account balance as well as national and international payments. The advantages of B-Web include technical and operational safety, reliability, speed, mobility, economy, availability and usability.

Conditions to access to B-Web:
- Be a customer of the Bank
- Have access to Internet

Pricing conditions:
Free service for all account holders at the BCB, you only pay 50 euros to acquire a Digipass allowing you a secured access to your account.

Information on the B-web contract (click on the links below):

B-web contract - One User

B-web contract - Multiple Users

General Terms for B-web

Guide for filling the B-web Contract

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