You are a customer of the Banque de Credit de Bujumbura (BCB) and you wish to track transactions on your account securely on the Internet. Do you want to make transactions in a few clicks ?

The BCB has a simple and secure solution : BOAweb, the new Internet banking solution from BANK OF AFRICA. With BOAweb, you can access to your accounts and make transactions securely, without moving, 24/7.

With BOAweb you can :

- Consult your global banking situation with a summary of the balances of your bank accounts;

- Track your day-to-day operations with daily movements ;

- Search, download and print the transactions performed on your accounts

- Make transfers between your accounts or to a national account

- Create and save a transfer beneficiary

- Manage transfer templates (save, edit and delete)

- Enhanced security

BOAweb offers enhanced security through multi-factor authentication, when:

- the connection

- validation of transfers,

- the creation and registration of transfer beneficiaries

As a replacement for the Digipass, multiple authentication was verified by SMS / email or Google Authenticator / Microsoft Authenticator authentication software.


How to subscribe to BOAweb ?

Our Customer Service Representatives are at your disposal throughout the BCB network for You Presenter BOAweb and You communicate all information and parents.

What are the conditions to fulfill?

- Hold a BCB account

- For new customers, fill out the subscription form and sign the general conditions in a BCB agency;


- For B-Web users, simply login to the new platform and accept the terms and conditions.