Mission Statement

    B.C.B. is more than a bank, it is an adviser and a partner for his customers, it is a force which offers experience, flexibility, strength and innovation.

    In the heart of the B.C.B. lives a set of common values which guide us in all that we do.

    • Solide: In Burundi since 1922, B.C.B. has proved that it has the capacity and the experience to face difficult situations, it is thus reliable and durable.
    • Listener: We listen to our customers, we understand them and react according to their needs.
    • Innovator: We improve and we differ from the others by proposing constantly innovative products and very high technologies.
    • Straight: We always hold a straight, frank speech and mark our action in a straight way.

    Combining spirit of collaboration and respect for our values will be beneficial not only for you "Our Customers", but also for ourselves.

    The main branches of industry such as the coffee, the oil(petroleum), the automobile distribution, the construction, the civil engineerings, the NGOs and other international organisation are followed by specialized administrators. They are your privileged interlocutors. In the process, BCB remains the partner of all the main economic operators of the country.

    It wants to be an African bank, managed according to rigorous professional principles, and recognized as such.