B.C.B. is a supplier of financial services as well domestic as international.

It is a part of the international group "Belgolaise" the only European group totally dedicated to Africa; which itself is a part of the group Fortis, one of the biggest group of Bank-insurance in Europe.

Since 1909 and in Bujumbura since 1922, the bank is ready to serve varied customers who are entitled to demand a quality service. It offers a personalized service to the leaders of companies, in the foreign trade financing, both in the import and in the export. Within the framework of the fight against terrorism, money whitening but especially to offer a quality service, it applies professional code of ethics.

It was always state-of-the-art by being the first one to become computerized in Burundi and continues to offer services to his customers combining technology, security, economy and speed. Within the framework of the setting-up of its new data processing, B.C.B. places the Customer in the center of its concerns.

Its teams consist of specialists:

  • Commercial Department : Relations with the clients by sector
  • Credits Department : Management and control of the risks.
  • Financial Control : Guarantor for the accuracy and reliability of the operations of the bank.
  • Operations Department : Execution of the current and international bank transactions.
  • Secretary-General : Insure the administrative management and the support.

On its domestic market, B.C.B. always occupied the first place and offers a complete financial range of services for the private individuals, the companies, the investors and the public service.