BCB was originally one of the head offices of the "Banque du Congo Belge" created on January 11th, 1909 on the initiative of the " Overseas Bank ". From 1911 till 1952, the BCB received the privilege to be " institute of emission".



Following the war 1914-1918, Belgium obtained "Ruanda-Urundi" in protectorate, and so it opened in 1922 the branch of Usumbura (current Bujumbura), port of the lake Tanganyika and the commercial center of the region.

The branch becomes in the 50s "regional head office" having under its control the branches of Astrida (Butare), Uvira, Bukavu, Goma, Kindu and Alberville. When the Congo became a sovereign state, the Banque du Congo Belge divested its European activities to the Belgo-Congolaise Bank, established on April 14th, 1960 in Brussels. (Belgolaise since 1965)

Bujumbura's branch till 1959



It was only on the 25th of July 1964 that the name was modified into "Banque de Crédit de Bujumbura (BCB)". In Europe the name changed to Belgolaise from 1965. In Rwanda, the Bank of Kigali will be constitued only in 1967.

Since 1964, the leaders of the BCB has continuously developped the Bank as the former Bank of Burundi which main activity consists in financing the export of the coffee, the tea, the cotton, the oil, as well as the regional business (the East of Congo).

From 1967, the Bank began its extensions towards the countryside starting by the main coffee regions.

The Bank currently operates in 18 branches in addition to the Head Office.

These are:
- Ngozi Branch opened in 1967;
- Kayanza Branch opened in 1977;
- Rumonge Branch opened in1981;
- Gitega Branch opened in 1983;
- Muyinga Branch opened in 1988;
- Gihofi Branch opened in 1989 (the Branch has become a counter attached to the Rutana Branch opened in 2012);
- Kirundo Branch opened in 2001;
- Orée du Golf Branch opened in 2005;
- Chaussée Prince Louis Rwagasore Branch opened in 2007;
- Ruyigi Branch opened in 2007;
- Rugombo Branch opened in 2009;
- Place de l’independence Branch opened in 2010;
- Buyenzi Branch opened in 2010;
- Kinanira Branch opened in 2010;
- Nyanza-Lac Branch opened in 2011;
- Centenaire Branch opened in 2011;
- Rutana Branch: January 7, 2012 (the former Gihofi Branch opened in 1989 becomes a counter attached to this Branch);
- Karusi Branch opened in 2012;
- Makamba Branch opened in 2012;

Three counters are attached to the Main Branch : BRARUDI, the Port and Kigobe. There is another counter, BRAGITA, attached to the Gitega Branch.



In July 2008, the Belgolaise divested its shareholding in BCB to three independent banks namely the Group BANK OF AFRICA (BOA Group), the Belgian Investment Company in developing countries "BIO", and the  DEGROOF Bank. Therefore, the Group has signed with the BOA BCB a partnership contract. The BCB, as a member of BOA Group, enjoys now all the benefits of integration into a group in strong growth and strong profitability.

The building of the BCB Head Office since 1959. The second floor has been built in 1989.