Prepaid VISA card TOUCAN

Besides the SESAME card (domestic card) used on ATMs, the BCB launched on the Burundian banking market, on December 21st, 2012, an international credit card called "Prepaid VISA  card TOUCAN".

This card was proposed by the BCB to allow the public to make operations on an international level. It is about another innovation justified by the fact that the BCB  always strives to offer the market innovative products enabling him to break the barriers of time and space. This card is somehow a way for the BCB to retain existing customers and attract new ones.


Product definition

The prepaid VISA card TOUCAN of the BCB offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a Visa Electron card without holding a bank account.

Therefore, everyone can acquire and use that card.

As for the phone recharge, the amount of money available is on the card itself and not in a bank account. That is why this card is called "prepaid".


Features offered by the card

You can withdraw money in any Automated Teller Banking Network (1.2 million worldwide) and pay for your purchases at all merchants affiliated to the VISA network (29 million worldwide).
You can recharge your card TOUCAN in a BCB Branch or from another card on the Internet (as in the transfer, on

You can transfer money from a card to another. You just connect yourself to the secure website (, from which you order your transfer. This one is immediate.

Once the order given by the sender, the card is loaded with the transferred amount and the recipient can immediately withdraw the money transferred on any ATM connected at VISA network.
This transfer service is available 24/24, 7/7 from any computer.

You can then use your TOUCAN card on Internet in complete safety, since the amount of your purchases cannot exceed the amount available on your card. The TOUCAN card is not associated with a bank account; there is no risk of piracy.

You can offer the TOUCAN card or give it to a person of your choice for professional or personal reasons.

You can check the balance of your card TOUCAN:

- On , which you can access free of charge and in complete safety using logins delivered to you in the purchase of your card.

- On the ATMs BCB.

How to get the card?

Just go to your nearest BCB branch.


The TOUCAN card is available 24 hours after ordering.


The TOUCAN card is available in BCB branches and costs BIF 100,000. It is valid for two years.


If you need further information, please contact us at:
(+257) 22 20 11 88(+257) 22 20 11 88 / (+257) 22 20 10 22(+257) 22 20 10 22 or e-mail: e- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .